Republicans caught lying again about health care by the Associated Press


The song says when you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose. The Republicans have nothing when it comes to making any kind of rational cogent argument against health care reform, they’ve been uncerimoniously kicked out of the White House and both houses of congress and so knowing they have nothing to lose they have tried their latest scare tactic, appealing to the usual gullible Republican and conservative base who have shown in the past they will swallow anything the RNC throws their way.

This time it was a letter sent out  by the RNC claiming that Republicans might be discriminated against by Democratic health care reform and denied treatment and they ask the question “Does this possibility concern you”?
Given the gullibility of the conservatives showing up at town hall meetings with nothing but ignorant questions with no foundation in reality, its not surprising that the GOP could send out such a letter and think they could get away with it. Obviously they have no respect for the intelligence of GOP voters and its probably because the lies they have put out have been swallowed before by the conservative faithful like a bunch of trained seals catching  the zoo keepers fish.

When confronted with the latest Republican piece of anti-health care reform nonsense Katie Wright, a spokeswoman for the RNC tried to claim the question was “inartfully worded”. When Republicans start using Obama’s excuses for double talk you know they are in big trouble.

The Associated Press, in its article on the latest Republican lie, went so far as to point out that this was not the first time the RNC has put out “inflammatory and unfounded (italics mine) claims about health care reform”. They pointed previously to “the inaccurate claims by conservatives” that the legislation would create “death panels”.

It is refreshing that a news organization with the history of the Associated Press is finally doing what other news organizations have been too timid to do — call a lie a lie and lay the blame for the lies and inaccuracies and unfounded statements squarely at the feet of the GOP.

If Obama was smart and knew what he was doing he would use this independent assessment of the Associated Press as well as an earlier one debunking the “death panel” assertion as a pure ( or impure) fabrication to prove to the  majority of the public that Republicans lie and resort  to misinformation and fabrication to try and frighten people into opposing health care.

This would do what Obama so far as been unable to do — discredit Republican opposition once and for all, and use it not only with the public but with members of the senate who might be obstacles to the public option by putting them on record of either supporting Republican lies or repudiating them with their votes.

Either way, health care reform has become not just legislation but a morality play about good versus evil, and truth versus lies. So there is more at stake than health care reform. There is the health of the country in more ways than one.