The Life & Times Of L.N.J: The Miseducation of the Black Man


The Life and Times of Little N*ger Jim

by @jimflamez

Black men it is time that we make some changes. Our women have lapped us when it comes to many things in society and there is a boat load of excuses that we can make as to why this is true. The biggest reason is that we need to get off of our asses and get ourselves together. Fuck the white man, fuck the media, fuck the hood and if you don’t want to get off your ass fuck you too.

It is time for black men to recognize just how important it is for us to do something with ourselves. We cannot expect people to give us anything we have to be willing to fight for what we want and to be smart enough to be able to communicate to others why it is so important that we stand tall and begin to make some good decisions.

Let’s start it with education. Get up, get out and get something. If you can, get into a school. There is also nothing wrong with taking advantage of the community college system. These systems are built to help those who may struggle to get admitted or would likely be less successful in a four year school. Also community colleges often provide vocational training that can get you into the workforce at a faster pace.

Black men we need to look in the mirror and begin to confront the issues that we face and that we have created with our behavior and lack of motivated motion. We need to be cognizant of what our children and what our communities are missing out on as we rot in jail cells and on corners. We cannot all rap or play ball, but we can all strive to be successful. We can all strive to make a difference and to make a difference in this world we must first make a difference in ourselves.

Maybe the biggest difference that we can make is putting a premium on education and the benefits that can be derived from such. We need to lay a foundation based on knowledge not athleticism and artistic talent. We will always be great in any field that we pursue, but it is necessary for us to be great in our classrooms and communities for our people to achieve greatness once more.

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