Hillary Clinton And The Stupid Press [Video]

Most of the news media, especially cable news, seemed to think that the momentary flash of anger and a sense of disrespect felt by Hillary Clinton from a question that was misunderstood due to a botched translation by a translator amounted to a big news story.

The moment, in which Clinton, clearly showed some irritation at a question she thought had more to do with her husbands opinion than her own, reduced adults at CNN and Fox News to the level of a pesky little brother who thought they had something to embarrass an older sister with.

The reaction was mostly male and infantile. Most women would probably understand Clinton’s irritation at what she thought was a question inquiring about Bill’s opinion instead of her own. It seemed a reasonable response to what sounded like a question reeking of sexism especially in a part of the world where women are treated as chattle. And cattle.It was more than reasonable considering what Clinton thought the question was.

But not too many in the news media who, like a bunch of 8 year olds delighting in having something they could use to tease an older sister, ( like little brother Sean Hannity) they thought Clinton’s reaction was big news.

The state department gave explanation of her response, referring to women in that part of the world, how they are treated, and Clinton’s concern for them. But Clinton’s reaction didn’t need defending. If the question had been as it seemed, the question would have been obnoxious.

For those who missed the media’s “Na-na-na-na- na” moment, and the state department’s explanation, see the video below. You’ll also be treated to CNN anchor
Rick Sanchez making patronizing remarks about his own wife and female producer (” they are always right” — with a slight smirk). The only thing missing was Sanchez saying “take my wife — please” and telling us a mother-in-law joke. But the real joke is on the news media who once again made themselves look fools.And this time, childish ones.

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