The Life and Times of L.N.J : An Introduction

The Life and Times of Little Nigger Jim
by @jimflamez

The first thing you probably are wondering upon stumbling across a column named as such is why and who is this guy. Well, my name is Jim and when it comes to my life here in America, I am considered a nigger. This is a pretty simple concept, yet at the same time so very complex. I am also a doctoral student, small business owner, community college instructor and dedicated son, but all that aside purses are still clinched when I walk by.

Simple yet complex is also what I wish to provide you with this column. This column will attempt to be a simple, yet complex look at the life of an “80’s baby” who is trying to rediscover himself while not losing himself at the same time.

The Life and Times of Little Nigger Jim will be a broad based social commentary touching on everything from politics and music to social networking through the musings of a black male graduate student in a small town and at a majority university. I will take this space to discuss current events along with popular culture and all that falls between from a unique and diverse perspective.

I am a Progressive and do not claim any political party but I am knowledgeable of politics, hip hop music and how they cross paths. I plan to also tie in songs and albums that go along with the mood of the column and of the topics that are being discussed. Hopefully this column will speak to those who often are left without a voice and must “Smile” © Alchemist featuring Maxwell and Twista to make it through.


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