New Anti-Obama campaign has ugly “punchline”

Sick joke, political statement or artistic license? Either of these reasonings and many more can be used to describe the above image that has been popping up in odd spots in Los Angeles, and has now even been spotted in Atlanta. CNN has reported that this image is already spawning videos and merchandise following this Joker/Obama mash up theme. So what does it really mean?

The Joker of comic and motion picture fame is widely recognized as one of the greatest and sickest ficticious villians of the modern era. An anarchist who considers himself an “agent of chaos”, it does seem like a bit of overkill for the oh so dependable Anti-Obama crowd. But then again these are the same folk that claim Obama supporters see him as some sort of Messiah or chosen one. It’s lofty titles all around for our President these days, but as am admitted nerd Ican’t help but wonder what the Joker would think of this image and It’s intended message. In terms of pain, destruction and illogical mayhem, I think the clown prince of crime may just relate more to our last president then he does to this one.

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