Review: Loso’s Way


It seems like just yesterday that Fabolous was breaking into the game against stacked odds. Now six albums in, he tackles the dreaded “concept album”.

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous returns with his 5th studio album that is a little different from the other projects in his vault. Titled Loso’s Way, Fabolous travels down the familiar road of movie based albums adding his own flavor and style to the 16-track effort.

The album begins to a theatrical start with the intro titled “The Way” that consists of reporter voices vying for Fabolous’, attention calling out his name over a marching band inspired beat. Fabolous wastes no time letting listeners know that he has a chip on his shoulder and he is ready to get a few things off of his chest.

If it isn’t evident after the first 3 tracks play out it becomes quite clear close to the conclusion of the project that the album has a little of everything for everyone. With tracks like “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” and “There He Go”, Fabolous blesses the album with music that his female demographic will gravitate to as well as tracks dedicated to the streets.

When the rapper is not flaunting his ego and name dropping designer names, he is covering the tracks with a veil of punchlines that range from “my attitude is celibate, I don’t give a f***k” and “want your whopper,come and get your beef” to name a selected few.

With features from Jay-Z, Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne, Neyo, Red Cafe, and Ryan Leslie, Loso’s Way may be Fabolous’ ticket to expanding his fan base outside of the east coast aiding in making him an internationally known artist. Surprisingly, the excessive album leaks before it’s release did not taint the overall appeal of Loso’s Way; it actually allowed some of the songs to shine on their own in a sea of hype.

The missteps are few and far between on Loso’s Way. As a result, its clear that after nearly a decade in the game, Fabolous still deserves the accolades of the hip-hop nation.