Sarah Palin’s reputation smeared along with her lipstick.

Late night talk show host and comedian, David Letterman, used Sarah Palin’s recent trip to New York as inspiration for a top ten list in which he described her look as “slutty flight attendant.” Fans of the governor are furious — and Governor Palin herself had a few things to say about it.
The second “highlight” of Palin’s visit according to Letterman: “Bought makeup at Bloomingdale’s to update her “slutty flight attendant look.”

Palin, who was in New York for an autism awareness event before heading to Washington for a Republican fundraiser, responded to the jab from the late-night host on John Ziegler’s radio show Tuesday afternoon, evidently missing Letterman’s intended humor.

“Pretty pathetic, good old David Letterman, that old David Letterman, what a commentary there … very sad to not recognize what this trip was all about,” she said. “Just doing some good things here for some good people in New York… such a distortion.” She added that she had not visited Bloomingdale’s and concluded, “Slow news day, evidently.”

Sarah Palin, Do us all a favor: Please shut up about David Letterman already. Maybe, you should spend that time taking a few English classes and learn how to speak english in complete and coherent sentences.

Really though, we can’t take it anymoe. You had our sympathy the first hundred times you mentioned it. Everywhere.
You’re sounding shrill and just as offensive at this point as he was.

But you can’t see it can you?
It’s too bad he made the joke. He’s a comedian with a talk show.

How about you just stick to what your good at and play damsel in distress (or I’m sorry was it a lipstick smeared pit bull I can’t seem to remember) and take Limbaugh or O’Reilly to task for the hateful mean things they say about people:
Oh wait I know why you won’t: I forgot. You agree with them so that makes it okay right?

Each day there are hundreds and jokes made publicly about politicians and their families. This is just another reason that we should thank god that the Republicans lost the last Presidential Election. If not, Ms. Palin would be too busy writing blogs, speaking to radio show hosts, and using our tax dollars to try and stick up for her family against all of the jokes that would be said/written about her.

Okay, fine, I agree. The joke might’ve been kind of wrong but anyone who saw it knows that it was only a joke made to have people laugh, which it did. When you enter a position that stays in the public eye, you put yourself in a position to be ridiculed. This is not any different than the even raunchier jokes that are told about celebrities. Yet, how often do you see celebrities in the press ranting against the host of late night talk shows.

The candle of freedom of speech is burning hot and fast from both sides.
Can’t help but wonder what we are going to be left with.