The Only Goal Is Survival

Rick Ross

As I watch The Dream and Rick Ross dance, sing and rap in the streets of Colombia it seems to me that Mr. M-I-YAYO is still standing and going strong in spite of the various online slings and arrows fired his way via 50 cent and G-Unit. Make no mistake this was not your Nas vs. Jay-Z or even Canibus vs. LL battles of the previous years. Those had clear cut winners and nearly undisputable losers. Yet, in this world where image out shines talent and style is more valuable than substance, it would seem that the goal of a “battle” has changed a bit. Just survive. If you’re exposed as a liar or a dead beat dad it doesn’t really matter. If you put out a steady supply of quality commercial/club music it only matters but so much. And all the endless hours of video that streamed across worldstarhiphop only make you regret the fact that the hood has such easy access to video equipment. It was really a whole lot of noise that didn’t say much.

At least as it relates to opposing 50, the primary objective is merely not to give in. You may take a few bruises and scratches (not literally) but you’ll live to rap another day. Jadakiss just dropped a quality album; Fat Joe continues to put out his 1 hit a year. And in Ross’ case, his tales are so tall that Jesus himself couldn’t tell him he wasn’t the 21st century reincarnation of Tony Montana, so music is easy. Is ignorance bliss? Is there more to this story that has yet to be told? Or more importantly does anyone really care? Unless Eminem decides to launch a few shots and reignite things then I doubt it. In the meantime I realize that Ross just dropped another in Colombia shot video….Rich Off Cocaine…….*sigh*

-Blacc Yankee

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