Oscar Grant Tribute Song- “My Life” by Mistah FAB

Over the weekend I came across this song by Bay Area artist Mistah Fab. The song is called “My Life” and is a tribute to Oscar Grant the victim of the police shooting on the B.A.R.T metro line January 1st,  and other victims of unneccessary police brutality. To be honest as a fan of hip hop this is one of the realest songs I’ve heard, and he does a great job at relating the problems inncer city urban communities face everyday as opposed to the ones that happen to get news coverage. He mentions a lot of issues that need to be consistently discussed amongst our communities and on the national stage, these are issues that weren’t campaigned about, but definitely affect the way our youth are being brought up. Take a listen, and open your minds on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day(Observed) and realize that only part of his dream has been realized and e have a long way to go. But we are making progress.

Mistah Fab- My Life