Unsigned Hype: We in the Center of the U-N-I Verse

“i feel like
we at the center of the u-n-i verse
and the sun is my heart
so i shine through the verse ”

Says Thurzday of the westcoast duo U-N-I.  U-N-I is a hip hop duo Thurzday and Y-o formed in 1999 in ther first year as highschool students.  U-n-I is perfect example of a westcoast rap group not sticking to the norm of the “thug life” rapstyle California has been known for.  With their smooth flow and there let the good times flow instrumentals, U-N-I is truly the unsigned Hype.  They recently released there street album called Fried Chicken and Watermelon which featured there hits Beautiful day and K.R.E.A.M. 

Though relatively new to some, U-N-I has a style that seems as though its been sucked out of all of Hip Hop’s legends and injected into these guys rhyme schemes and since of style.  They each rock the skateboarder style and the 90s style of dress.  you can always count on them to keep it fresh.  I guess we can say they are the Westcoast’s Cool Kids while the Coole Kids are the Midwest’s U-N-I. 

U-N-I were recently featured in the Hip Hop Honor ROll Mixtape present by Mick Boogie.  They did a remix of a classic favorite song of mine by De La Soul called “Stakes is High”.  You cna check out the track on their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/unimuzik

You can download the Mixtape Fried chicken and Watermelon at: