From Tragedy to Triumph: Introducing Rob Bates

On this Thanksgiving all of us have a lot to be thankful for, even the fact that we were able to wake up this morning. So on this Thanksgiving story I want to introduce a member of the Hip Hop Community that has everything to be thankful for and we can all learn from him, what it means to take advantage of a second opportunity.

Rob Bates is a Chicago-bred producer with a great story behind his steady rise to stardom. He is not only a survivor of this harsh Chicago music industry, he is also a cancer survivor. A few years ago he was diagnosed with bone cancer, after doctors found a tumor in his arm. A setback that would challenge the best of us.  Luckilly doctors were able to remove the tumor and bone and replace it.

Now at the age of eighteen and a cancer survivor, he is thriving and living eachday to the fullest. Not wasting any time Rob returned to producing and decided that nothing but the best was in his future, after beating cancer it seems like

there’s nothing that can stop him. After being given  the opportunity to compete in the Red Bull Big Tune Producers contest this past year he came out victorious and showed the world that he’s got what it takes to be a big name contender in the realm of music producers.

Chicago seems to be the home of producers that overcome the biggest challenges that life has to offer. After Kanye West and his recorvery from his life threatening accident, I can only imagine the sucess that awaits. The Rob Bates story shows that determination and appreciation of life, which I feel is the key being blessed and successful.  I have faith that God will Bless Rob Bates with many successes in the future.