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Today I am visiting a few of my favorite stores in Chicago like Leaders 1354 and Saint Alfreds, just to name a few. These places are well known nationally for the style they bring and the music they promote out to the masses. They have Chicago Artists and Music Artists to model the Clothing that comes through there stores. I call this Chicago Love, because not only are these artists modeling but they are performing at the numerous parties thrown by these different clothing stores and getting BIG PROMO around the country.
The stores i mentioned are all located on Milwaukee street in Logan Square where they seem to be the bloodline of style and music throughout those parts. Other stores like Self-Conscious, Phli, Succezzz, and Jugrnaut may not be in the same area but they are definatley on the same accord.

Some of my personal favorite chicago artist include:

Million Dollar Mano (who performed at Kanye’s Glow in the dakr Tour)
Nick Jr
Mike 100s and the Boardroom music group
Mikey halsted
The Cool Kids

To me it seems as though all these artist, Major Labeled or not, have a certain amount of fame not only in Chicago but across the states. They bring an original flavor to Hip Hop and the other Genres they cover and definately make the clothing they model look good. It is like another culture in it’s self but still reachign into Hip Hop.

The Cool Kids X Million $ Mano @ LEADERS 1354

check out :

Photo courtest of DC artist Phil Ade.  Posted on the Leaders 1354 site summer 08

Photo courtest of DC artist Phil Ade. Posted on the Leaders 1354 site summer 08

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