According to SOHH.com T.I. is prepared to testify in court against the alleged murderer of his best friend and body guard Philant Johnson aka “Big Phil” who was shot and killed last year after a performance in Cincinnati. Since the incident T.I. has been doing a lot of anti-violence and crime awareness gigs.

ti This brings me to a point. How foolish was that whole “Stop Snitchin” movement? Being from CHICAGO where the number of murders is crazy this year, I think close to or above 500, somethin needs to happen quick. Why would we want to protect these murderers? So they can do it again? What if next time its a member of your own family or a friend? Would you NOT SNITCH if you knew who it was? These are all valid questions I feel directly contests this street philosophy surrounding the “Stop Snitching” code.

I think that the whole foundation of the rap music industry needs to change. I understand it is the “entertainment” industry but when the entertainment part bleeds into real life society I think it becomes social responsibility.  I also understand that the streets are the streets, and whether or not hip-hop/rap is alive and breathing there’s always gonna be the streets, but allowing hip hop to be a mass media tool to condone the cover up of REAL crimes is absolutely absurd.

I applaud T.I. for taking a stand and bringing these murderers to justice. Who knows how many other people they might have killed. So lets save our own communities,  and the real fans of hip hop by bringing the murders to justice instead of letting them go FREE.

If you know of any crimes that have been committed and can help solve them PLEASE…….”START SNITCHIN”

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