Gay is NOT the New Black and STOP Blaming Black People!

gay is the new black_iw I’m really baffled by the fact the media and everybody else for that matter keep throwin’ black people in this debate over the right of gay marriage. I do agree with the fact that it is a matter of civil right and equality, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say half the things that have been said regarding this issue recently. I’ll touch on two points.

1.) The Black Vote is the reason why Prop 8 Passed.

Now is it just me or does it seem like black folk are being thrown under the bus, used as a scapegoat, or as Stephen Colbert put it starting a “Culture War”. Even tho specific religions raised over $20 Million dollars to support the ban, its primarily the “black vote” that helped pass the measure. That’s ridiculous if our vote alone was that powerful shit would’ve been a lot different in this country a lot sooner. Plus I didn’t see any collection plates being passed in church regarding this law. STOP BLAMMING BLACK PEOPLE.

2.) “Gay is the NEW Black”.

So what am I…The OLD BLACK? I would not shy away from the fact that being gay in America might have its hardships, and its own share of hate crimes. But not being able to get married doesn’t come close to any one of these things I will mention below.

– Not being able to Vote

– Segregation

– Lynching and being hanged

– Slavery

And there are plenty more…I am not at all against the movement that is being presented, but I will say that there are still forms of RACIAL OPRESSION that exist to this day, and yes we have a Black President,wanda but that does not erase what has happened or what continues to happen in this nation because of race. There is no NEW BLACK, because the problems the OLD BLACK face are still here, and I can’t allow those to be minimized in any way, no matter what the cause. So please don’t be offended as I am a supporter to ALL equal right, but don’t try to erase the current problems that exists in light of NEW problems.

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