Sex Sells: In Hip Hop….Yea, Why Not Politics?

Its NO SECRET that sex is one of the all-time, most effective selling and marketing tools. It appeals to one of the strongest and most addictiveBlack_Sexy_Models_of_hip_hop-Melyssa_Ford emotions, LUST. Sex is used to sell cars, we all know the amount of sex that is used in the entertainment industry from burger commercials, porn, and of course in Hip Hop. I’m always reminded about the scene in The Chappelle Show season 1, in the “sketch” where Nat King Cole(characterized by Dave Chappelle himself) poured champagne on the model dancing in his Christmas special…CLASSIC…but, it does represent the constant usage of sex in music still portrayed to this day. Why, because WE buy it.

Some argue that John McCain’s choice for a running mate in Sarah Palin was the best decision he’s made in his campaign. I say it actually was, the fact of the matter is, these candidates were trying to sell them selves and their ideas, and reach the audiences they need to reach anyway possible, whether its TV/Radio attack ads, SNL, rallies, the goal is to sell your ticket to as many people possible.

Of course the issues matter, especially now, but the rest of the sarah-palin-hottime most of the population just deals with it. So what’s the best way to reach your target audience? The same way any other industry does, through SEX….

I wrote about JOE previously, and he has all of these profound things to say to the media but ask him who he’s voting for and all he has to say is “I like Sarah Palin”. And why is that? Because she is kinda sexy… a mature kinda way.

What else could have McCain done to revitalize his campaign? NOTHING but too appeal to the swing voters which were mainly white males. The NY Times recently published an article about the Palin Effect on male voters.

sarah-palin-sexy-gunYea, after he announced there was the whole mindset her nomination for VP would sway Hilary supporters. He had to know that after she opened her mouth a few times women would catch on. If he was trying to steal the Female vote he should’ve just announced her 3 days b4 the election(I know, its not possible, it’s a “What If”.

Look at the brand her image has become, it just fed off the whole MILF trend, from “American Pie” and took on a life of its own. From the SNL skit, with Tina Fey, rumored “Naked” Sarah Palin pics, even a new porno on the market entitled “Nailin Palin“(Which I showed a Clip of in my Previous Post ).

Its basically turned this election “out”, for lack of better words. There would be no bigger opportunity to let sex sell yourself, especially being a 72 year old man. Look at Hugh Hef, surround yourself with a beautiful woman, and your the envy of men 18-54 everywhere.

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