Katt Williams Missing?

So the word on the street is, famous comedian Kat Williams is missing. Say it ain’t so… Not another Dave Chappelle gone to South Africa story. Although I am hoping that this is all false and a case of some severe misunderstanding.

Last night Kat Williams was supposed to be a guest on NBC’s Conan O’Brien Show and apparently was a NO SHOW.  Is it a coincidence that he abruptly decided not to host the BET Awards aswell? According to BlackVoices.com Williams was replaced at the BET Awards due to his erratic behavior. What’s really goin on! Sounds more like a Martin Lawrence episode. Too much of that Cali “Good”.

Perhaps he is just tired of the industry. I don’t know his contractual agreements with whomever but I feel his earned a bit of a break. He has 7 children, most of them adopted. Aside from his sometimes vulgar comedy he seems to be a stand up guy. But all in all, I hope everything’s ok, and I will definitely say a prayer for him and his family.

What is REALLY goin on with Kat Williams?

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