1st Rap Tweet LIVE on Twitter.com by @FokusChicagoKid

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Were gonna start it off right/ Its Poppin’ tonight/ Fokus 1st Rap Tweet LIVE

1st props to @PRsarahevans /Angel on Earth PR skills from heaven

Guidin me on this trip to 1000/ We gettin replies like apps for Public Housin/& I gotta give thanks to yall/ Especially Ms @KatjaPresnal

@Hayden_Harnett gets much respect/Hot Accessories what else did you expect/

but Need a good car connect, hit up @AuctionDirect/Might get a Lexus maybe a Caddy/ so cool like Im rollin wit my dude @BuckDaddy

Fokus Im a brand like CocaCola/ Big things poppin like my man @Moearora/ connected on Twitter like a new Motorola/ Im n the game now its ova

Cause I’m on the A-List, like @ARealist/ Always on my grind cause Im on my Shhhhh…./Yea on my biz, gonna call @DrMommy if I need that fix

Cant forget @SuperMomz cause shes in the Mix/ @Juliemarg & @BobinOregon both made the list/ @LitmanLive hit me, and helped make this a hit

And my girl @ShannonNelson so hot got me meltin/ Grab a @Sellphone sumbody helpem,Call @Marifer dont be late, & dont forget follow @RStheGr8

@stylescrybe know the boy Fokused like a scope Control the game like I hold the remote/ @Zemote yea he knows everythings real that I wrote

Gotta leave behind the cowards, its us & @ZachFlauaus Im the one they chose, wit @Serendipityrose no swagga like us see it in the clothes

Got it on the run give it up for @Aargenz1 Yea this freestyles FREE but this games not for fun/ Ask @Cheeky_Geeky we not close to done…

Got love for the followers that gave me that push, so with that gotta give it up to my girl @TiffanyWinbush

Im a starter on the field just ask @Ezrabutler/ the Tom Brady of the game these other rappers Jay Cutler….

So, just stay clear of me, I know you gotta hear me/ Dont pay attention to that, then I’ll get my girl @Alheri

And oh! Cant forget @Arondo your rap was ok, compared to me NO FLOW & yo whats up to @Rebjaeboe greeting from my home city in CHICAGO

Cant Forget @TheFlyGirl , My man @GuyKawasaki and with that said Im DONE can’t NOBODY Stop me,

I wanna thank everyone, who came along for the ride 2008 Fokus, the 1st Rap tweet LIVE!!!!!

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