Welcome to The Hip Hop Democrat!!!

Now that we have the important stuff out the way, Allow Me to Introduce Myself!!!

Welcome to The Hip Hop Democrat: A place where Hip Hop and Politics meet. A blog where fans and artists alike can come together and represent the greater good of the culture. Of course its about the MUSIC as well. This is a place where politics of CHANGE meet the need for change of the current Hip Hop music industry……

“Hip-hop is more powerful than politics and religion. It’s the only thing that brought black people, white people, German people, Asian people, African people (together). I traveled the world – hip-hop changed people’s lives,”- DMC  from RUN DMC

So artists feel free to promote your music (DON’T SPAM!!!!), we’re all about GOOD music so we will allow links to be posted, but lets be courteous to everybody on the site and make this an overall GREAT experience……

There are a few purposes’ for this blog, which are:

  • Awareness of the political issues that are occurring in this election year for the huge fan base of Hip Hop music
  • Create a positive atmosphere that promotes creativity and support for EVERYONE that is part of the Hip Hop culture(Dance, Music, Art, Fashion, Everything HIP HOP)
  • Provide entertaining and informative news on politics, the industry, and how the culture of Hip Hop influences it all.

So please feel free to leave comments, network, and just interact. Let yourself be known to the world. The only thing I ask is that you be respectful to everyone who chooses to speak their opinions, whether they’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, or any other party I missed……With that said…Lets Begin…..

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