RJ Payne Delivers Soulfully Hard-Hitting New Single, I Can Feel It

If we are talking some of the illest emcees and lyricists alive. RJ Payne is definitely a name that has emerged over the past several years. His newest single. The soulfully hard-hitting, I Can Feel It. Just the latest example of such.

RJ delivering such ill lyrics and wordplay as, ”I am a poet with the darts. I paint a picture. Let me show you. This is an art. Now I know why I ain’t blow from the start. I got a purpose and I know it in my heart. I can feel it.” As well as, ”See I am just trying to get right with the Lord. Let that reflect in what I write and record. I hope I am striking a chord with all my listeners. Just like an award. I am dropping every gem that I can afford.”