RJ Payne Delivers Hard-Hitting New Single, HULK VS JUGGERNAUT feat. Recognize Ali

When it comes to some of the illest emcees and lyricists alive. RJ Payne is definitely a name that has emerged over the past several years. His newest single, HULK VS JUGGERNAUT. That finds him teaming with another great emcee and lyricist, Recognize Ali. For the hard-hitting new track.

RJ delivering such ill lyrics and wordplay as, ”I never trip. That is my humble gesture. But I can jump. Don’t tell these little young punks. Don’t try to dunk with Drexler. I am slamming rappers like a drunken wrestler. Big blunt of pressure. The cloth I am cut from you can’t touch the texture. I am way to smart to flunk a semester.” An example why.