El Michels Affair & Black Thought Deliver New Single, That Girl

A little over a month ago Black Thought announced him and cinematic luminary soul group, El Michels Affair. Would be releasing a collaboration album, Glorious Game. That is set to release on, April 14th. Also releasing lead single, Grateful.

Today the recently formed duo. Releasing a brand new single, That Girl. That shows Thought showing off his stellar wordplay and personally introspective storytelling over the very illustrious soulful backdrop from El Michels Affair. With such personally introspective lyrics as, ”She’s never been intrusive as long as we have been exclusive. At first love was illusive. This old heart was icy. The cold part I fought to find a wifey. Wasn’t likely my lover friend. My spiritual twin. You had nothing like me and rightfully so. I never met somebody more striking. And yo she got the whole wide world under her finger. When we were young she came in and stung me with the stinger. My Nefertiti, Amona, Mokoba. My onziga. The light in which I am linger. I am probably going to do anything for, that girl. That girl.”

The very personally introspective lyrics on the single to his girl. Only appropriate to release on a day like Valentine’s Day too.