38 Spesh & Ransom Debut Cinematically Raw New Video, Last Gasp

Not many have been on quite the run in Hip-Hop as 38 Spesh and Ransom have been the past several year’s. Almost anytime the lyrical giants from the New York Tri-State area connect. You know you can, trust, you are going to get nothing but fire. Which is what we get on the very stellar collaboration, Last Gasp. That is not only arguably the best Hip-Hop track this year, but one of the top tracks released across all of music this year or the past several year’s.

So it’s only right that Spesh and Ran return to the track today. By debuting just a few short hours ago the new Gtown Film-directed accompanying video. Which sees Spesh and Ran inside a room printing and counting money. As well as in front of a black backdrop and riding around making money moves. Plus Spesh also with the women he raps about. Helping bring the lyrical dexterity they bring to the track as if it is their, ”last gasp.” To life even more. The surprise ending and the fact that 38 still shot the video the same day after learning his older brother, Loverboy, was killed. Making it all the more commendable and hit harder knowing these facts too.