WESTSIDE BOOGIE Brings The Bars With Ease On Debut Funk Flex Freestyle

Not that long ago fresh off tour. Compton emcee, WESTSIDE BOOGIE. A couple days ago made his debut on the legendary Hot 97’s Funk Flex. To deliver a crazy new freestyle over the late great DMX classic, How’s It Goin’ Down. It is actually somewhat surprising that this is the Shady Records signee’s first time on Flex.

Boogie doesn’t waste anytime either. Delivering with ease such quotable’s as, ”This feel like some sh*t I gotta black on. Watch me do this sh*t like I do back home. Strengthening my core to my backbone. See this is what all them groupie n***as latch on. Wearing all my feelings. N***as say I’m overdressed. At least I wouldn’t explode over no feelings I suppress. Foot up on they neck’s. What’s that odor? Oh, that’s death. The fact I made it through the funk should be a flex.”

The new freestyle showing why WESTSIDE BOOGIE is so beloved from coast to coast and not only one of the best emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now. But easily one of the best freestyler’s, who so nonchalantly makes it look so effortless.