Jeremih Debuts Cinematically Nostalgic New Video, For Soulfully Nostalgic New Hitmaka-Produced Single, Changes

Veteran multi-platinum and chart-topping Chicago singer and songwriter. As well as producer, Jeremih, makes his highly anticipated return to the solo spotlight. With his soulfully nostalgic new Hitmaka-produced single, Changes. That perfectly samples Avant’s classic single, Read Your Mind. Having Jeremih bring a lot of those same soulfully nostalgic vibes that Avant’s record had. As he sings about all the ups and downs. As well as many changes one goes through in a relationship. That most everyone can relate to.

Jeremih also debuting through Vevo. A very cinematically just as nostalgic accompanying Mills Miller-directed video. That was shot in the iconic downtown Riverwalk of the singers Chicago hometown. As it sees Jeremih showing a relationship in the midst of heartbreak and longing for love. But also showing all the great walks on the Riverwalk, talks in a library, romantic moments in bed before all the downs in the relationship as well. That lead to the heartbreak and changes that were ultimately gone through in the relationship. Which everyone can relate to.