Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene Drop Soulfully Jazzy & Eerie New Single, Paradise feat. Evidence

With just less than a month now till Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene’s highly-anticipated new album, Cost of Living, drops. On, Nov. 15th. The legendary producer and Chicago emcee connect for the album’s second single, Paradise. That features veteran producer and emcee extraordinaire, Evidence. Which follows previously released lead single, Time Goes. That was released nearly two and a half weeks ago. When they also announced the album’s title and release date.

The newest single finding Greene over Brown’s soulfully jazzy eerie perfectly sampled backdrop delivering such stellar vivid rhyme’s and storytelling about all the things of loyalty and deceit most people who grow up in Chicago or most inner cities go through. Trying to get to, “Paradise.” Which is reflected in such lyrics as, “What’s to this inner city lifestyle? The days of circusing every night. Wow. Bright child. Stuck in the ghetto. Lets save them right now. The Bible said the kids would be smarter, but they weaker. Social media turned the babies from a guider. To seeker. Subsidized housing. FEMA. The stress level is high as underpaid teacher. He started early. So he’s used to imprison hit him. Instead of a pistol. He lost his life to recidivism. My man got 40 years for heroin. But Jason did three for a body? So why you want to play with that block for? Buy a truck to transport some goods and commodities. CDL’s. The government ‘ill see me fail. Culturally by us learning. The schools ain’t never teach me well. Are you religious or superstitious? The devil I’m outwitting. Trying to dodge a bullet or a life sentence.”

Evidence also adds a pretty stellar guest verse too. Though Greene’s stellar verses and storytelling that are filled with so many gems. Show once again why he truly is one of the best emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now. Point blank period and why this new album with Apollo Brown is so anticipated.