Meyhem Lauren & Daringer Release New Single, Red Pesto feat. Conway The Machine, Announce New Collaboration Album

When it comes to some of the most grittiest and grimiest emcees in all of Hip-Hop over the last decade. To give you that raw and unapologetically real true street Hip-Hop. Meyhem Lauren has been among the most reliable to do so. As has Griselda and many of their affiliates.

So it makes perfect sense. That the Queens emcee has linked with Griselda in-house producer, Daringer. For his newest just announced collaboration album, Black Vladimir. That becomes just the latest in a long list of producers. Ranging from legends such as DJ Muggs to Buckwild and Madlib. As just a few of the producers that Lauren has done collaboration album’s with.

With a title for the new album which is scheduled to be released in a little less than a month. On Aug. 26th finally revealed and already releasing lead single, Broken Rubberbands earlier this month. Lauren and Daringer are already back with the album’s second single, Red Pesto. Which is a very cinematically raw record. That features Conway the Machine with what maybe one of the top verses of the year. Where he spits, “I used to break keys down. Now I am getting rap money, busting AP down. Any n***a that ever violated can’t be found. The flow like Jigga mixed with Andre 3000.”