Ambré Delivers Beautiful New Video, I’m Baby feat. Jvck James

Singer and songwriter, Ambré. Who released her most recent solo project, 3000°. Nearly a month ago on June 17th. Returns to the EP. By releasing yesterday, the second video from the project.

Debuting through Vevo. The beautiful new child-directed video from one of the EP’s most standout tracks, I’m Baby. Which features Jvck James. That opens up with Ambré sitting down holding up a jar with something in it. As she flashes back to painting. While she watches a bunch of beautiful melanin women by a pool by her. While she sings the very immaculate and catchy lyrics. Busting out into choreography and also on the top of a balcony with James. As they continue to sing the crush worthy immaculate catchy lyrics. Really helping bring the record even more to life.