BJ The Chicago Kid Releases Beautifully Emotional New, BJ Wednesdays, 6 Months

BJ the Chicago Kid, recently re-upped his weekly, BJ Wednesdays, series. With last week’s very beautifully smooth and appropriately titled, Smooth. That’s easily not only one of the best tracks in the series so far. But the smooth drum and guitar-laden record. Easily one of the best of his career so far.

So you knew it was going to be hard to top. But today the Grammy Awards-nominated singer and songwriter. Delivers the very beautifully emotional new Social House-produced, 6 Months. That sees BJ over the very beautifully emotional strings backdrop. Delivering such a beautifully emotional soothing ballad in which he sings such beautifully emotional relatable lyrics about a relationship. He wants to give his all to and reminder his lover. About how they shouldn’t just give up on their relationship for just one or a couple mistakes. That BJ made. This record being his sort of apology to her to play back in six months to see how much they have outgrown those mistakes. To better their relationship.