Snoh Aalegra Channels Inner Janet Jackson & 80’s R&B Vibes, On Aesthetically Colorful & Stunningly Fun New Video, NEON PEACH feat. Tyler, The Creator

Snoh Aalegra, put out what’s not only arguably the best R&B album, but arguably the best album across all of music so far here in 2021. With her very critically-acclaimed latest solo album, TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES. Already releasing videos for previously released singles, DYING 4 YOUR LOVE & LOST YOU.

Aalegra returns today with the debut just a few short hours ago through Vevo. For the new I.P.W.-directed video for the album’s latest single, NEON PEACH. The very standout Tyler, the Creator-produced and featured record. That has that real infectious 80’s-influenced R&B vibes. So it should be no surprise that the very aesthetically colorful and stunningly futuristic fun new accompanying visual for the record. Gives off real 80’s and 90’s R&B influenced flavors. That has Aalegra in an all shimmeringly silver outfit, partially channeling both Michael and Janet Jackson. In MJ and Janet’s very classic and big budget video for their hugely massive collaboration, Scream. Who, Aalegra, sounds a lot like on this record.

The very extremely talented Swedish/Iranian singer and songwriter. Also channeling other huge influences of her’s. Like her mentor, the late great, Prince. With the huge feathery purple hat, Aalegra, rocks to go with a leather black outfit. One of many great and colorfully fun outfits that, Aalegra, rocks throughout the visual. That includes her in something as simple as a pair of jeans. To go with gym shoes, a bucket hat and a white t-shirt that has several photos of MJ doing a bunch of dance moves. Showing how, Aalegra, can be a fashion icon in many different and fun ways as well.

The new visual also seeing Tyler in many of his various usual flower boy type outfits. Such as his yellow school like top to go with black slacks, dress shoes and black hat to match. As both Aalegra and Tyler, sing and rap the very catchy infectious chorus and lyrics. Also showing the different fun and goofy activities. That range from Tyler riding on one of those mini purple cars made for children to ride on. To, Snoh, sitting sipping on tea. As well as both, Aalegra and Tyler grooving together. While they sing the very groovy and catchy lyrics. To show off not only the seamless great chemistry between both. That really brings such an already fan favorite record even more to life. To possibly make you love it even more. But to also show why both Snoh and Tyler, are easily two of the best artists of this generation. Who just keep getting better too.