Chicago’s Own Add-2 Erases Competition On New, You, Me, Him & Her Freestyle

It has been sometime since we heard some new music from Chicago emcee, Add-2. The last new music we heard from the Chicago native, being his soulful Disrupt-produced track, March 31st. That he dropped on his 34th birthday of March 31, 2020.

Today, Add, returns with a brand new freestyle of the classic Bink!-produced, You, Me, Him & Her. Off Jay-Z’s somewhat under appreciated classic album, The Dynasty: Roc La Familia. Add, showing yet again on the brand new freestyle why he’s not only arguably the best emcee in all of Chicago, but one of the best emcees period right now. With such dope standout bars as, “My pen fire, I be writing like my heart froze. They have shots, but I found out that the bar closed.” As well as, “Engineers be looking like what’s wrong with him. All these girls be scared to do a song with him. You damn right I kill them and leave them all victims. The Spider-Man causing carnage, spitting all, venom. Out of this world, I just touched Mars. But don’t cross me, that’s word to God. Oh my, God!” Further proving it.