Brittney Carter Delivers Cinematic New Video, All I Want

Chicago emcee, Brittney Carter, dropped her debut project/EP, As I Am. Almost a year ago. Showcasing why she’s not only one of the top upcoming emcees in Chicago, but all of Hip-Hop.

By far one of the standout tracks from the project is the introspective, All I Want. Where Carter over the introspective production, raps about all the things she wanted to do since she was young. Like money, to party, drink and have a vision of selling out arenas. While delivering a positive message to the youth through her raps. So it’s only right that yesterday, Carter, returned that particular track from the project by debuting a new Caves-directed video for the track.

The cinematic new visual. A simple, but creative new one that opens with two men doing a robbery in a convenient store of a gas station for money. Before riding off with, Carter, as she raps her introspective verses. The new visual also showing throughout, Carter, with a younger version of herself in her room continuing to grow from childhood to adulthood. As she writes raps and watches TV. To envision what she thinks and envisions her life will be when she becomes a rapper. The cinematic, yet simple and crispy shot new visual. Really bringing the track to life even more.