Chicago Legend, Teefa, Gifts Fans On Birthday With New Single, I Don’t Trust Em’

Teefa, who most may remember as half of legendary Chicago Hip-Hop group, Infamous Syndicate. That was her and longtime collaborator. As well as good friend of hers, Shawnna. Has returned.

With today being her birthday. Teefa, decided rather than receiving gifts. She would do like a lot more artists have been starting to do over the years. By gifting their fans with new music on their birthday. As she delivers her new single, I Don’t Trust Em’. That finds, Teefa, over the bouncing and soulful production. Rapping about the different things she doesn’t trust about somebody.

It’s actually a really solid record too. Which has a good and very soulfully sang chorus. That I would like to find out who that is singing it. Whether it be, Teefa, herself or someone else.