Alina Baraz Delivers Heavenly Beautiful & Soulful New Single, Alone With You

It has been well over a year since very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Alina Baraz. Dropped her mostly critically-acclaimed sophomore album, It Was Divine. Even back in October dropping a remix EP to several of the album’s single’s.

Baraz has been relatively quiet since that point. But that all changes today with the release of her heavenly beautiful and soulful new Spencer Stewart-produced single, Alone with You. That finds Baraz over the beautiful smooth horns, thumping drums and instrumented backdrop. Showing off her beautifully heavenly and angelically soulful smooth vocals.

As she sings about a beautifully divine love. That she wants to mix it up, “a little.” And, “love a little.” With, as part of the chorus says. The transition from the final chorus that fades so perfectly into the beautifully magical outro. Were Baraz sings so beautifully about the time she wants to be, “Alone with you.” When singing about the many different ways on how she wants to spend the rest of her time with her lover. With the outro, just when you think it couldn’t. Making the record that much more, better. As well as heavenly beautiful and personable.