Jorja Smith Debuts Cinematic & Greatly Captured New Video, Home

Home, could be many different things for many different people. It could be where you live, it could be where you work or a place and space. That you feel you’re most comfortable in or you even feel you’re pretending to be happy in, but you truly aren’t. Such is the case in Jorja Smith’s very cinematic and greatly captured new Rob Akin-directed video for, Home. Which Smith debuted through Vevo nearly a couple of hours ago.

The very cinematic and greatly captured new visual. That plays like a real life mini-movie. Through greatly written storytelling and a very sad, yet beautifully brilliant concept. So many of us find all too familiar. Either through our own or other’s experiences. That finds Smith singing from the perspective of a rich woman, who has everything she thinks she ever wanted at home. In a rich husband, a beautiful daughter, a nanny and a happy fairytale story that every woman always dreams of as a young girl growing up. Only for that not to be what they really want when they actually get it. For the fact that their husband and/or spouse is either cheating on them or has eyes for someone else. Whether it be the nanny (who Smith plays) or someone else.

The wife even with as sad as she’s. Continues to act like she’s content with what she has being a home. By putting on this fake facade of being happy for herself, the husband and society as a whole. When the sad reality of it all is that though it maybe a home to others. It really isn’t a home to her. It’s just somewhere she lives and feels pretty uncomfortable living in. Even despite all of that she has. As the saying goes, “everything that glitters isn’t always gold.”

The great storytelling in both the music video and actual song from Smith. Truly helping to bring this record even more to life. In a way. That from the actual music to the producing, writing, storytelling, performances and music videos. Only certain artists like Smith are able to continuously be able to do. With how they’re truly able to put the ART in artist. In a way only a select few are truly able to do.