Westside Gunn & Mach-Hommy Reunite, For Easter Tradition, EasterGunn Day 4 Freestyle

Westside Gunn surprises fans by reuniting and revitalizing an Easter SundayGunday tradition that was previously put on hold. By for the first time in nearly three years dropping his annual, EasterGunn Day 4 Freestyle.

The annual holiday tradition that for years seen Westside Gunn, Mach-Hommy and Keisha Plum connect on new tracks. Was put on hold for several years due to internal beef between Westside, Mach and Tha God Fahim. But after Gunn squashed his beef with both Mach and Fahim, just last December. It’s only right that today for their first new tracks in years, that the Griselda Records head and founder. Reconnects with Mach-Hommy for, EasterGunn Day 4 Freestyle.

Everything coming full circle. As for the third installment back in 2018. Westside dissed both The Dump Gawd and Mach-Hommy. Now for today’s newest edition, Westside and Mach-Hommy taking on Wu-Tang Clan’s verse classic, Hallow Bones record.