Conway The Machine Debuts Emotionally Heartfelt New Video, Forever Droppin Tears feat. Elcamino

Today on what would have been the late great, DJ Shay’s 49th birthday. Conway the Machine debuts the new Langston Sessoms-directed video for, Forever Droppin Tears. A track dedicated to Shay and not only arguably the best track on Conway’s just a few months ago released debut album, From King to a GOD. But easily one of the best tracks he has ever released. Not to mention easily the most emotionally heartfelt track he has ever released too.

The just as emotionally heartfelt visual opening with a younger Conway sitting on the stairs of his house writing raps. Talking with one of his homies reminiscing about their street life growing up in Buffalo. Before it finds Conway and featured artist, Elcamino in front of a house performing the track with their homies looking on.

The visual also sees Conway visiting Shay’s mural and grave site in Buffalo to celebrate his life. As clips of him getting ready for the actual funeral they previously had for Shay are incorporated. Montage clips of Shay and his journey with Griselda. Where he speaks very highly of Conway, Westside and Griselda also incorporated. Into the very emotionally heartfelt visual. That really brings the record even more to life.