Public Enemy Reveals Crazy Animated New Video, GRID feat. Cypress Hill & George Clinton

Nearly three weeks ago, legendary and pioneering Hip-Hop group, Public Enemy released their newest album, What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down? Their first album in over 20 years with the just as legendary and iconic label they helped build, Def Jam Recordings.

One of the main highlights from the album was the Cypress Hill and George Clinton featured, GRID. Which is the closest you’re going to get to a title track.

They return to the album and that track with the debut yesterday of their crazy new video for the track. That’s inspired by the A-Team. Playing like a cartoon centering around today’s current climate of racial divide and political affairs. With Chuck D as The Chief, Flavor Flav as Lt. MC, DJ Lord as Agent A, B-Real as B-Stroy and George Clinton as Uncle Jam. They rally on their mission and by the end have a surprise revealing for the man behind the KKK robe.

Already one of my favorite tracks from not only the album, but in recent years. Whoever the animator is did a really brilliant job. That really brings the track to life even more. Making me and I’m sure many others love this already fan favorite track even more.