Stevie Wonder Releases Two New Singles, Launches New Label, So What The Fuss Records

Stevie Wonder is arguably the greatest musician to ever grace earth. Not only one of the best and most impassioned vocalists, visionary producers and prodigious multi-instrumentalists ever. But a truly transformative figure beyond music. Who’s fight for both Black Power and justice, as well as love and peace. Plus hope for a more socially just world has expanded well beyond six decades.

The 70-year-old living legend and icon. Has always been an artist that truly encapsulates the mood of the times going on in America and across the world. So it’s only right that once again at a time we all need more love, peace and hope with the trying times the world faces. That Wonder has returned with his first new solo music in four years. With the singles, Can’t Put It In the Hands of Fate featuring Rapsody, Cordae, Chika and Busta Rhymes. As well as, Where Is Our Love Song featuring Gary Clark Jr.

Both politically-charged tracks. Can’t Put It in the Hands of Fate, is a real funk versed socially-driven record. That includes Wonder’s classic harmonica riff and really pushes that we can’t put it in the hands of fate for change to come. For those still fighting against social injustices and all the craziness so many face. From not just the pandemic and virus, but racism as well. With Rapsody, Cordae and Chika all adding really great politically-charged guest verses. But it maybe Wonder himself, who added the most poignantly cutting lyrics. With, “You say you’re sick and tired of us protesting. I say, “Not time enough to make a change.” You say, “Just keep holdin’ on.” I say “No, way, ’cause we can’t put it in the hands of fate.” Can’t put it in the hands of fate, now baby. You say that you believe in all lives matter. I say, I don’t believe the fvck you do.”

Where Is Our Love Song. More of a smoother melody, in which Wonder with his very rich voice and vocals. Gives us a song about having faith, love, inspiration and hope. For us to all heal from hate, racism, self-isolation, this pandemic and virus. As well as all the other craziness so many of us are all facing. That we can all really use right now as musical healing and inspiration from. For a better tomorrow for all humanity.

The release of the new singles also comes with the surprising news that Wonder will be leaving the only record label he has ever been apart of. The legendary and iconic, Motown Records. Joining, Republic Records. With whom he is starting his own label, So What the Fuss Records. Named after his 2005 single of the same name featuring the incorporable late great, Prince and En Vogue.