Agallah Drops New Banger, The Mask Is Fully On

Hip-Hop great Agallah has been on a real run lately. Over the last two plus weeks dropping his very well received and mostly critically-acclaimed debut collaboration album with fellow New York great and living legend, Sadat X. In, The Gods Have Arrived.

Also dropping his collaboration, Top Gun, with fellow living legends, E.P.M.D. Just last week. You would think Agallah would be done. But he may actually be working harder than ever.

Recently also dropping his newest banger, The Mask Is Fully On. Another self-produced track that over the very thumping drums backdrop. Finds Agallah rapping about all the injustices and everything. Him and so many have had to go through in life. Just to survive this life.

Lyrics like, “Arrest the crooked cops who killed Breonna Taylor. No justice, no peace. But you know that the system failed us. Jesus on the cross, I know they want to nail us.” Hitting him for many. As well as lyrics like, “Rappers rhymes don’t count in the pandemic. My name is Angel, but nothing about me is angelic. I’m a masterpiece. So remember that I said it. Let me smell the flowers. One time, give a n^**a credit.” Showing how Agallah is a great that demands more respect than he always gets.