Big Boi & Sleepy Brown Fight For Justice On, We The Ones feat. Killer Mike & Big Rube, Organized Noize Remix

With Big Boi & Sleepy Brown getting set to release their highly-anticipated collaboration album, The Big Sleepover within the next few months. The frequent collaborators and members of the legendary Atlanta collective, Dungeon Family. Release their newest single, We the Ones. That features fellow DF members, Killer Mike and Big Rube.

The new record is also an Organized Noize Remix of the track. That was originally featured on Organized Noize’s self-titled 2017 EP. This new remixed version fusing elements of Funk with a very motivational message of standing up for justice and to oppression. That has Big Boi rapping, “Elevated thinking, higher learnin’. And no, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout this cookie that I’m burnin’. My sermon is for the children. And for the mommas and the daddies that ain’t earnin’. Now CVSs burnin’.”

Killer Mike adding such standout verses about the fight as, “I have a cousin named Robert. Robert was a robber, until my pot was pissed on. Then he got caught up. First he was tried. Then he was convicted. After he was sentenced. Found conviction through religion. Reformed Robert told me we should only pray to Allah.” With legendary poet and fellow Dungeon Family member, Big Rube adding a very motivational and fight for standing up to oppression to close out the track.