Sinéad Harnett Premieres Beautifully Stunning & Ethereal New Video, Stickin’ feat. Masego & VanJess

Nearly three months ago, very talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, Sinéad Harnett, debuted her very catchy single, Stickin’. That showed why she’s not only among the genres greatest rising talents. But why her collaborators on it, Masego and VanJess, also are too in their own right.

While today Harnett returns to that record. That has been a favorite of mine since it’s release. With the premiere just a few short hours ago through Vevo of the beautifully stunning and ethereal new LX-directed video for the record. Making me love the record even more. Especially with how it shows not only Harnett’s and VanJess’ beautifully angelic vocals. But all three of their radiantly angelic pure beauty in all of the elements of the forest. Whether it be the pure elegance beauty of Sinéad in that flair print outfit or her lovely pure elegant angelic beauty in that elegant white angelic outfit to her pure stunning beauty in that blue dress. To even VanJess’ own pure stunning natural beauty in those stunning orange and green dresses.

This very beautifully stunning video also showing off the very great chemistry between all four of these artists. Who are already among the best singers and songwriters in all of R&B/Soul right now individually. But even more magical and great together. As you can really tell from this very beautifully stunning and ethereal new visual. That really brings the record even more to life with how it shows that amazing chemistry, beauty and talent from Harnett, Masego and VanJess. The way that director LX shows off the four artists together in the squares throughout a lot of the visual, quite brilliant too.