Thurz Honors, T’ Challa, On His Thumping Newest, More Thurz On Thurzday

It’s Thursday yet again. So you know that means more new heat from Westcoast emcee, Thurz. With another new edition of his current ongoing weekly series, More Thurz On Thurzday.

Thurz honors, the Black Panther, with his thumping new ML3-produced, T’ Chilla. That has him rapping about how the Black Panther helped him and so many other kids growing up looking for a hero. As well as rapping of course about paying honors to Chadwick Boseman, who played the Black Panther and unfortunately just passed away last week. Due to cancer. Thurz even throws in a bar at the beginning about Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate passing earlier this year and how, “The world has not been right since Kobe.”