Psychodrama Brings That Real Street Chicago Sound Back, With New Single, Heard Em Say

After well over two decades in the game. Legendary Chicago Hip-Hop group and pioneers of that real street Chicago sound, Psychodrama, is back. Providing us with their very raw and real new single, Heard Em Say. The trio of Buk, Newsense and Psyde, letting it be known, who they are. For those not educated and who ask, “Who the fvck are you supposed to be?” Just as part of the chorus says.

With Buk spitting such lyrics as, “They don’t spit nothing like it. Such a damn difference in flavors and presentation. Fvcking with Buk in the kitchen. I got music inside with me. If I do. I would get the fvck up out the way. Before I have to display, the God fvcking me. We back, b*#<h! And we just here to stay. We’re not hear to play no games. At all.” Letting it be known why Buk is one of the dopest emcees with one of the dopest flows ever.

Newsense herself also showing why she’s not only one of the dopest female emcees, but emcees period. With her closing verse really letting it be known. In which she spits such quotable’s as, “Thought we was gone forever. Now we back together. And we fvcking up your whole train. Check that history. Can’t take it or break it. So you hate. Really ain’t shit to me.” Also, “Magic steel. Yeah, I fvck. But I don’t fvck around. Ain’t no ho*s over here. Chicago, Westside. North Lawndale. Shit can get so real. Talking about, “Who is that?” And who are we supposed to be? Psychodrama. Bi%#h, that’s who. Real ass n***as, know them three.”