Nas Is Pro Black On Powerful New Hit-Boy-Produced & Featured Single, Ultra Black

Nas recently announced and confirmed his upcoming new album, King’s Disease. An album all produced by Hit-Boy set to be released on Aug. 21st. With the album set to be released in exactly a week. Nas releases the very powerful and pro black lead single, Ultra Black.

That finds Esco over the very powerful and soulful Hit-Boy-produced and featured track. Rapping and celebrating everything all black. From Black excellence, culture, power, public figures and virtually anything you can think of. With Nas rapping such lyrics as, “To Africa, you say, “Go back”. I stay pro-black, my Amex black (Ah). Black like cornrows, afros. Black like Kaep’ blackballed from the Superbowls (Colin). Hall & Oates, I can’t go for that. Motown Museum, Detroit, I’m ultra black. This for New York and all the map. No matter your race, to me, we all are black.”