Topic626 Releases New Video, Risk It All

Veteran Westcoast emcee, Topic626, recently released his newest solo album, The Coast Guard 201. Nearly two and a half weeks ago. Not wasting anytime or letting the pandemic slow down his grind. Topic625 debuted just a few short hours ago his newest HDTayFilms-directed video for, Risk It All. The Fallon Favors featured track from the album. The new visual is shortened sees the West Covina, California native by himself and sans Favor, showing off the beautiful scenery of the West Covina mountains. As Topic raps and performs his very inspiring and motivational lyrics from the track.

If that wasn’t enough, he also premiered just this past Friday, the powerful new video for arguably not only the best track on the album.  But one of its most inspiring as well, with, Frustrated.  Which was also directed by HDTayFilms and opens with Topic626 sitting in his house on his coach watching the frustrating news about the cases slowly building up from the current COVID-19 virus and epidemic.  Later looking at the newspaper with the frustrating news of George Floyd and the protests that followed.  As Topic raps about how things have made him so frustrated.  Which a lot of us can unfortunately relate to at the moment with all the frustrating things.  From the virus, to the racial issues and divide, as well as protests and deaths that have happened that have made this year a mostly frustrating one for so many of us.  

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