Benny The Butcher Drops New Single, Deal Or No Deal

Griselda Records doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Fresh off the release of Griselda leader Westside Gunn’s newest album, Flygod Is An Awesome God 2, just this past Friday. Benny the Butcher is next up with his very fire new Daringer-produced single, Deal or No Deal. Giving those raw coke bars we’ve come to expect such as, “The plug used to let me hold them babies like a surrogate. I had them dope boys payin’ deposits to get they hands on product. Violence the only way you answer violence. I might pop up in the random projects. With powder like a can of comet, two or three runners and a Pyrex. We supervillains to the music business. I’m gettin’ too specific with what I do in kitchens, my shit too offensive. I make coke rap sound like a new invention.” Helping him live up to his name, “The Butcher,” on his new freestyle. Benny continues to also show why he’s one of the best emcees in the game right now.