Eto Drops Very Cinematic New Single, Brigante, Announces New Album, Eto Brigante

Not to many emcees can say they have outworked or even put out the consistently dope amount of Hip-Hop that Rochester, New York native, Eto has for the past several years. His grind and consistency to not only deliver such dope audio crack, but do it without comprising his art and emceeing is truly incredible. This year in what looked like one of his more quiet years as far as the amount of material he put out. At least album wise, may not be so quiet after all too. As just a little over a month and a half removed from releasing what was easily his most anticipated album to date, The Beauty of It. Eto recently announced he’s now set to release his second album of the year with, Eto Brigante. That’s set for release in a little over a month on Aug. 7th. With pre-orders for the album going live today and the first single, Brigante, being released. A very cinematic new track that also serves as the title and opening track. As Eto raps the cinematic bars to set the stage for the upcoming sure to be highly-anticipated new album. The new album nothing but Eto and serving as the soundtrack to his upcoming new mini-movie of the same name. A Kwervo Films mini-movie starring himself and Angel “Chi Chi” Salazar. That as you can also probably guess from the title serves as an homage to the classic film, Carlito’s Way.