Jorja Smith Releases Beautifully Powerful New Video, For, Rose Rouge

Whether it be her jazzy recent single, Kiss Me In The Morning or her recent cover of Jazz classic, Rose Rouge from St. Germain. Very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Jorja Smith, has been leaning more towards Jazz for her last couple of releases. Which begs the question, “Will her sophomore album, whenever it’s released. Be more Jazz oriented than her debut album?” Her very critically-acclaimed debut, Lost & Found, which recently celebrated its two year anniversary of release. Being more of a R&B and Soul, as well as Neo-Soul infused album. Though it did also include some soulfully jazz infused records like the title track and Teenage Fantasy. Smith debuting earlier today a very beautifully powerful new Samona Olanipekun-directed accompanying video for, Rose Rouge. That shows not only what a beautiful voice and aura to her she has in her very angelic voice, beauty and talent. But whether it be Blue Lights or this video here, how Jorja always finds ways to use her voice to bring justice to those who have such such injustices or inequalities. That they always can’t speak up for themselves. This beautifully jazzy and amazing Jazz cover she did of St. German’s classic, Rose Rouge. The perfect record to do so with how unapologetically black Jazz as a genre is too. With this very powerful accompanying video really bringing that message of unity, love and equality that we all need truly right now to life even more. Making this already very soothingly amazing and beautiful record that much more powerful and beautiful than it already was too. Further proving why Smith is among or near the top of mine and so many others favorite of the recent crop of great rising young artists in R&B/Soul over the past half decade to near decade. Really just artists for most any genre period.