In Honor Of Juneteenth, Mikhala Jené Releases Powerfully Painful New Single, Let My People Go

Very amazing singer and songwriter, Mikhala Jené, proves yet again why she’s among the best not only R&B/Soul artists right now. But across all of music period. With her very painfully powerful and honest new single, Let My People Go. Where she sings about all of the pain so many blacks and people of color have faced over the years and are still facing till this day.

Jené releasing the record specifically today on Juneteenth. To bring awareness to the pain and enslavement so many of her people still unfortunately face today. But in different other ways aside from actual slavery, such as police brutality, and the prison system. Long after being freed from slavery. They’re free from slavery, but are they really truly free from a slave like system? With a lot of the other things that help enslave them.

Which is you can hear all that pain in Jené’s voice. As she sings the painful, yet powerful lyrics that makes her standout from so many of her counterparts. With fellow rising singer and songwriter H.E.R. and her also just released own powerfully painful new single, I Can’t Breathe. The only one that comes close to where you can hear the artists pain in their voice on the record.

Which is why both Jené and H.E.R. are not only among the best artists in R&B and Soul. But in my humble opinion. Two of the true top 10-15, if not higher artists in all of music at the moment.