Chloe x Halle, Do It, In Stunningly Glamorous Sexy & Confidently Playful New Video

Chloe x Halle get glamorous in their very stunningly sexy and confidently playful new C Prinz-directed video premiered through Vevo for their very fun and amazing new single, Do It. That sees the Parkwood Entertainment signed twin duo paying homage to the late great Aaliyah, as well as the iconic Janet Jackson with the “Oh’s” and “coos” of the very playful and catchy chorus for their sure to be new ladies anthem. The very great choreographed dance moves finding them dancing in front of a glamorous backdrop of an orange lit sky into a mirrored room, as they sing the drama-free lyrics about bringing positive vibes in the playfully glamorous and sexy new clip. That also shows their great vocals and amazing adlibs, as well as them bringing the sexiness and attitude of Beyoncé. Not to mention the beautiful harmonies they sing together, while still being true to themselves and their own uniqueness and charisma. That unique sexiness and maturity that Chloe x Halle bring to the very stunningly glamorous new visuals truly bringing that playful sexiness of the sure to be ladies anthem to life. While also really showing how much they’ve truly matured and grown not only musically as artists, but into such sexy and confidently mature young women as well. Which is why their upcoming sophomore album, Ungodly Hour, that they just revealed the June 5th release date and cover for. Is so highly-anticipated from me and I’m sure many others as well.